Future Digital Bank ALL IN ONE

  • The world's leading multi-chain digital wallet
  • Asset
  • Finace
  • Payment
  • Application

Multi-currency wallet

One of the wallets that support for
the highest number of currency types
in the world Support for BTC, ETH,BCH,
9 public chains
Tens of thousands of digital currencies, on the increase

Multi-account system

Decentralized account and escrow account, dual-core drive
Solve perfectly the problem of secure storage and flexible transaction of digital assets

Kwealth management, Kcash flexible save, Kcash lock-up program

Value investing, token standard
Solid growth in amount of currency

Open third-party ecosystem

Multifarious DApp platform
Enable third-party application to be settled

Safeguard the safety of your assets

  • Instant tranfer
  • ZeroPay
  • Lightning payment network
  • Unique technique of trading acceleration
  • Off-line signature
  • Private key is held by users
  • Private key is not connected to the internet during the trading process
  • Focus on privacy, more secure
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Multiple signature technical support
  • Two-step authorization verification
  • Verification code, fingerprint, liveness verification other verification methods
  • Technical improvement
  • 7 security strategies
  • 6 technical innovation
  • Ensure the security of digital assets from all perspectives

Angel Investors

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